Price: $16.95
The colorful front cover of 'The Leafy Sea Dragon,' a children's book for readers ages 5-10 am is a leafy sea dragon with a mission. He wants to know if he is a plant or a fish. Everyone seems to think that hes a plant. He looks like one. But Sam isnt so sure. To learn his true nature and hopefully escape the boring life of a plant, Sam sets off on a journey across the ocean in search of the one creature that knows the answer, the Brain Coral.

The Brain Coral is not so simple to reach, however. Sam must first escape from an aquarium, survive storm-tossed seas, protect a damselfish in distress, help a clownfish to juggle, join a circus where he earns the wrath of the wicked Medusa, and face his greatest fear life as seaweed.

All the while Sam demonstrates good character, making this story about a bizarre-looking sea creature of some value to non-sea creatures, such as humans, especially the little ones who are starting out in life and just learning the importance of values like honesty, courage and persistence, all of which Sam, the leafy sea dragon, has in abundance.